1. Black Window

From the recording Paradiso Loco

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"Black Window from the album "Paradiso Loco"
Written and performed by Effron White

About the album, "Paradiso Loco".

Texas Americana/Alt Country/Rock/Spaghetti Western.

This album features the cream of the crop of Texas musicians. John Inmon - formerly lead guitar player with the Lost Gonzo Band (Jerry Jeff Walker), along with the drummer, Paul Pearcy. Glenn Fukunaga, Austin's premiere bass player (Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, David Amram, Joe Ely), on bass. The East Side Flash plays piano and produced.

This album was recorded at Flashpoint Recording Studio in Austin, TX.

1 Big Northern Murder Ballad
2 Texas Heaven
3 Black Window
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6 Transcontinental Railroaded
7 Can't Kill a Man Like That
8 Misery's Mystique
9 Goin' Loco Bein' Local
10 Who Don't Need it
11 Dream On
12 Thanks to the Blues

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Black Window
(Effron White)

Not a thing in this house says it’s over
But nothing said makes lonesome hard to bear
As I look out this black window
I wonder could you be out there

Do you see the tears I’m crying
By the blue light of our TV
As I look out this black window
I hope you’re looking back at me

But it seems like the dark goes on forever
Just like those black holes they talk about
Where everything gets sucked right into nothing
But not the pain we could live without

There’s a June bug bouncing on the screen
And the smell of distant summer rain
As I look out this black window
I swear I’d take you back again
I swear I’d take you back again

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