1. Big Blue Tears

From the recording Long Haul

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Big Blue Tears.
Written by Effron White and R.C. O'Leary.
Performed by Effron White.

Big Blue Tears is an expressive work about loving and missing the one who went away with the singer's heart and left his endless love crying big blue tears.

This song was recently chosen for the soundtrack of the new film "Samland", set to be released in late Summer 2021. Watch for it!

Recommended if you like John Prine, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Guy Clark and/or Effron White.

About the album, "Long Haul".

"Long Haul" Full Album

Americana/Folk/Country album by Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Effron White.

Recommended if you like John Prine, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Guy Clark and Effron White.

Get Effron's most recent, classic CD in digital form, produced by Texas producer, John Inmon and Effron. (Click on the image above to the play songs on this album) The title song is the classic, "Long Haul" that Charlie Roth recorded for his "Broken Ground" album. The airplay of Charlie's version of Long Haul pushed Broken Ground to the #6 spot on the EuroAmericana charts in the UK. Good goin' guys! Click "Add to Cart" now to enjoy this whenever you get that EFFRON-ized feeling!
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1 Long Haul Time
2 Hardened Truth (Troubadour)
3 Big Blue Tears
4 Desirae
5 Built by Men
6 Truce
7 Three Chords of Love
8 Charlie Roth is Coming
9 No Fairy Tale
10 Lost Highway
11 Show Me the Light Again

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Big Blue Tears
(Effron White/RC O’Leary)

There’s a full moon a’climbin’
Up over the horizon
Here comes another night time
Waking up my fears
My baby went and left me
With a note saying forget me
And that moon’s just a blur
Through my big blue tears

Big blue tears
Make it hard to see
The words she wrote
And why she had to leave
But I can’t forget her
She’s in my head like years
Endless love cries big blue tears


The sun breaks through the night
Like a warm alarm of light
Reminding me of the touch
Of her sweet hand
I rise up to the blind
And take a look outside
I swear those rays of sun
Look just like pouring rain


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